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. What We Serve

Providing service on our project "Project Delta"

Hosting and Web Design

You can get any portfolio or landing website with beautiful and modern templates, managing and editing in flexible user panel. Your website will be hosted in minutes after design completion with our hosting service.

Travel Agency

We love to travel. I hope you so. We provide better services on transportation, trip management, tour packages,..., etc. Now we are focusing on Siem Reap province, the tourist land. We have been waiting for you.

Online Retailing

Buymium.com is the online retailing and proxy service which we focus on. We are willing to expand the on-bed-shopping service for modern and easy life in Cambodia.

. How We Move

We are planing, and we would like to step on it.

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. Who We Are

Know about us as well as you use our services.

Know About Us

Satsong.net is assigning as home of "Project Delta" including web design and hosting business, media and entertainment, travel agency and online retailing. Our site name is created using surname of entrepreneur. We have vision and mission to be a firm leading these types of service in Cambodia. 

Why "Project Delta"?
In Cambodia nowadays, there are lacks of passion within technology, media, entertainment, ..., etc. We would line to inspire and recruit the unused resources to expand visions and ideas in these fields.

. Get In Touch

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We can be your assistant. We are waiting your contact and happy to assist you anytime as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries. You will be able to use our contact information to reach us or using the contact form to connect us instantly.

  • Sunrise Apartment No.11, St.376, Phnom Penh 12304

  • info@satsong.net

  • +855 70 577 758