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Website Solution

[Sitegine.com] provides the total website solutions including web design and web hosting.

Online Magazine

[Gizmoir.com] lets you discover to know about technology.

Electronic Retailing

[Wortail.com] is your helping hands to buy goods instantly via internet.

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Collecting data and creative concepts.


Evaluating data to discover useful information.


Working on data to concretely reveal the shape.


Finalizing to get the definitive version.

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Satsong.net is a group of ventures which aims to involve and innovate the products or services regarding to combination of technology and entertainment.


  • Being a pioneer business venture which moves towards future by mean of combination of technology and entertainment for innovation and modernization.


  • Providing the reliable services in accordance with the TxE model to create the availability of all needs in the simplest and easiest way.

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