• Sitegine | A Satsong venture
    Web design and hosting
  • Gizmoir | A Satsong venture
    Digital media and blogging
  • CTF | A KHroot challenge
    Cyber security competition
  • Along with creative idea.
    Power by workflow.


Discovering our ongoing services

Web Design and Hosting

[Sitegine.com] Developing a website with flexible in-house CMS and reselling web hosting.

Online Retailing

[not available] Providing indoor-purchase service over online at anywhere and anytime.

Digital Media and Blogging

[Gizmoir.com] Publishing news, articles and blogs on technology and entertainment.

Steps In Works

Creating steps to get better result


Collecting any creative ideas


Discussing and analyzing


Works are under progress


Finalizing the works


Get to know us

Not just a hobby, the site heads to be a route for bringing the sense of a combination of technology and entertainment. We would like to recruit the entrepreneur to be together with any projects and share or serve to Cambodian people to acknowledge the meaning of life in the modern time which requires technology. We also share how to entertain ourselves in the technology days for beautiful life ahead.

Combining technology and entertainment is the way to brighten your life in modern days! [vision and mission]


Teamwork is always great to gather ideas and develop what we aim. Entrepreneurship recruiting is opened for who'd like to be.


Let us help you

If you have any inquiries, please choose any options below to contact us. You will be freely supported.