24th Dec, 18

Another Powerful Content Management System - Subrion CMS

Subrion is a PHP/MySQL based CMS & framework that allows you to build websites for any purpose. It allows you build your websites from blog… Read More
11th Oct, 18

Ways to Redirect Non-www URLs to www With and Without .htaccess

There are 2 ways to redirect non-www URLs to www as below. 1. Using .htaccess You can redirect all of the requests for yourdomain.com domain… Read More
8th Jul, 18

Terrarium TV - Best Home Entertainment App for Android Devices

What's up guys! Welcome back to our blog. In the refresh air with a cup of cappuccino, something has just reminded me and made me… Read More
10th Dec, 17

Tips to Record Screen Video on Android Devices with Internal Audio

Screen video recording has been possible on Android and there are many apps have been released on Google Play Store. I also did try to… Read More
28th Oct, 17

3 Best Alternatives to Google Play Store

Along with Apple Inc.'s iOS, a well-known mobile operating system, Google's Android is also the best mobile operating system and is my favorite one. Unlike… Read More